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Litigation & Arbitration

We offer clients an unrivalled array of services in Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution:

  • Domestic commercial litigation;
  • Large-scale multi jurisdictional litigation;
  • Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, negotiation with, and advocacy concerning, regulatory and government agencies

Alternative Dispute Reolution

Our lawyers are not only experienced in all forms of ADR, but are also fully committed to using ADR as a tool to assist clients in the speedy and cost effective resolution of disputes. Our strong relationship with our clients and knowledge of their business, coupled with specialist knowledge of ADR, ensures that we are able to effectively utilize the most appropriate technique to achieve the best commercial result for their business.

The timing of the legal intervention is critical: the offer to mediate in itself can lead to settlement negotiations, saving potential time and costs. Our commercial approach to ADR protects business risks throughout the settlement process and uses dispute management as a tool to achieve commercial goals. We also have the experience to deal effectively with parties, tribunals and witnesses from all types of legal and commercial cultures.