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Banking and Finance

The Firm is empanelled with both domestic and multinational banks in India and advises them on diverse matters including secured loan transaction, home loans, Securitization, structured finance products, etc. Our Lawyers have advised clients in matters pertaining to drafting loan agreements and security documents (promissory notes, deeds of hypothecation, mortgage and pledge, consortium lending agreements and escrow agreements). Our lawyers have represented international and domestic public and private sector banks, including suits for recovery and enforcement of security provided to banks.

Banking Litigation: Breaches of regulations can give rise to disciplinary proceedings, regulatory investigations and civil liability. Our lawyers regularly conduct contentious disciplinary matters before all the main financial regulators. We have been successful in persuading regulators not to proceed with enforcement action, and in achieving significant reductions in proposed fines. The department has also been involved in several substantial regulatory investigations, both as investigators and representing institutions or witnesses.